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Mold remediation eradicates mold spores that remain behind after the mold removal process. Sounds confusing? Well, mold removal simply refers to cleaning services targeting the infested surfaces. Technically, even a professional mold cleaner may not eliminate the core problem because mold spores remain inherently in all indoor and outdoor spaces.

UCM Upholstery Cleaning provides professional mold remediation services in the Baltimore, MD area. The professional mold removal services address the core cause of mold growth in residential and commercial places.

Continued exposure to mold spores can cause serious health problems, including asthma, sinus conditions, running nose, cough, and allergic reactions. Therefore, if your house is prone to mold growth, our licensed mold remediation experts offer the best services and guarantees you effective results.

Benefits of Professional Mold Remediation Services

According to the EPA, you should not attempt self-mold cleanup if the mold covers more than 10 square feet. The problem is that you cannot tell how far the mold spores have spread. Therefore, you should call us - a professional mold removal service - to do what we do best!

UCM Upholstery Cleaning provides a fast and effective service. Upon contacting us, we respond speedily and come on-site with the right equipment for professional mold removal. We focus on delivering quality results to the client. The team understands the basic steps and arrives equipped with the proper mold remediation chemicals and safety equipment.

Professional Mold Remediation Process

Here is an overview of each step of our mold remediation process:

Step 1. Mold Remediation Planning Phase

The initial step involves developing an elaborate procedure that guarantees quality results. Therefore, our staff arrives on-site, inspects the mold-infested rooms, and comes with a good plan to ensure they effectively address the procedure.

They share the plan with the homeowner to make sure they are aware of the processes involved.

Step 2: Setting Up The Work Area

Upon receiving an express authority and agreement from the homeowner, the mold remediation team begins setting up the work area. Our technicians will use state of the art equipment such as thermal imaging to detect all areas affected by moisture intrusion where mold may be growing.

Ideally, the mold remediation process shall depend on the target work area. Our experienced staff employs advanced methods to ensure proper mold spore containment before they begin taking away damaged materials.

Step 3: Removal of Unrecoverable Material

Depending on the infested surfaces, this stage may require some demolishing to remove porous materials. However, we advise the property owner on the locations that require demolishing. We remove unrecoverable material and ensure responsible disposal so that we do not create a mold problem.

Step 4: Getting Rid Of Mold

A professional mold cleaner will use mold remediation chemicals to clean all surfaces. We spray the walls and floors to get rid of all mold spores.

Step 5. Final Clean-Up

Finally, we get the room ready for occupancy by ensuring a thorough clean-up. Our upholstery cleaning professionals are equipped with the right tools to ensure clean-up of all the surfaces.

Contact UCM Upholstery Cleaning For Professional Mold Remediation

Remediating mold is often a challenging exercise that requires specific equipment and specific training and certification to ensure effectiveness. A licensed mold remediation company guarantees the best results and takes the shortest time to ensure thorough cleaning of surfaces. For pocket-friendly mold remediation near me, call us at 443-842-6344.

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